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The Teacher Link team focuses on providing you with the most TEFL course options at the best prices. We have experienced TEFL trainers on staff, as well as a course advisor to help you choose the course that's the best fit for your situation.


Teacher Link TEFL Trainers & Staff

Brett Isis


Founder and President

Olivia Ghisoni


Director of Teacher Link

Nikhil Patel


TEFL Trainer

Sean Murtagh


Course Advisor



Our TEFL system is designed so that you can begin the TEFL course of your choosing and simultaneously work with a placement consultant to find your perfect teach abroad job!

The Teacher Link staff and TEFL trainers will be in contact with you while you work on the TEFL course, and a Teaching Nomad placement consultant will work with you to match you with the teaching job that you're looking for.




Teaching Nomad Placement Consultants

Michael Ostrowski


Director of Recruitment

Brendan Allen


Recruitment Team Leader

Ollie Gorman


Senior Placement Consultant

Lauren Klein


Senior Placement Consultant

Jayne Donabie


Senior Placement Consultant

Sylvia Spanos


Placement Consultant

Tiffany Xiao


Placement Consultant

Margaret Otten


Placement Consultant

Nicholas Bonnet


Associate Placement Consultant

Tyler Krajec


Associate Placement Consultant

Moira McNally


Associate Placement Consultant

Marissa Olan


Associate Placement Consultant



Marketing, Authentications, and Administration

Brenna Lee


Head of Marketing

Amanda Corken


Authentications Manager

Mary Zhou


HR, Billing, and Administration

Why Take a TEFL Course With Teacher Link?

TEFL Instructors

Experienced Instructors

Each TEFL course has its own set of instructors, and all of them have extensive experience in the classroom as well as with training other teachers. They will be a great resource for you during the course!

TEFL Job Placement

TEFL Job Placement

Some of our TEFL courses offer job support while others offer guaranteed job placement. Luckily, there is a high demand for international teachers in every location that we offer a TEFL course in.

The Experience

The Experience

Take a TEFL course in one of the many exotic locations we offer and immerse yourself in the culture. Enjoy your evenings and weekends by exploring and meeting people from all over the world!

University Partnership

University Partnership

Our Shanghai classroom TEFL course is affiliated with the University of Northern Colorado. This allows you to earn your TEFL certificate with the possibility of also earning graduate-level university credit.