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TEFL Course Live
Get live instruction from TEFL trainers!
TEFL Course Live
Get live instruction from TEFL trainers!

Complete the curriculum of our in-class TEFL course completely online through live instruction!


About the Program

  • TEFL Course Live is a complete instructor-led online TEFL course that includes the option of adding 10 days of in-class observed teaching practice, in China or Thailand, that is all affiliated with the University of Northern Colorado

  • This course allows you to earn your TEFL certificate with the possibility of also earning graduate-level university credit that can be applied to an MA TESOL or a similar degree.

  • You’ll learn from excellent TEFL trainers who are ready to help you reach your full potential in the classroom

Benefits of TEFL Course Live

  • Interactive lessons to discuss teaching theory with professors

  • Collaborate on lesson planning and classroom activities

  • Deliver lesson plans through virtual lessons

  • Get constructive feedback on lesson plans and virtual lessons

  • Become a confident teacher before starting a new teaching position

Finding a TEFL Job

  • Teachers that choose to do the OTP in China will receive job placement assistance, and those that qualify will receive guaranteed job placement

  • Teachers that choose to do the OTP in Thailand will receive job placement assistance

  • Our partner company, Teaching Nomad, provides free job placement services for teachers that qualify

  • The demand for English teachers in both China and Thailand is high, so it is easy to find a teaching job in virtually any city that you're interested in


A few reviews:


Shanghai Classroom TEFL Course

“The program pairs teaching foundation and theory with practical classroom experience. Overall, this was a very enriching and valuable learning experience. I would absolutely recommend this program for anyone with no teaching experience who wants to teach abroad.”

- Kayla, China

Shanghai Classroom TEFL

"The 120 hour in-class TEFL provided by Teaching Nomad in Shanghai, was the most amazing experience. Coming to China can be quite an overwhelming experience but with this team behind you, you cannot help but succeed. "

- Jess, South Africa

Shanghai Classroom TEFL

"The TEFL training was beyond what I expected. There was an in-class training with several excellent teachers and trainers. Not only was I provided with books, lectures, videos, websites, and demos; I had the opportunity to actually teach classes of various sizes and age groups. Teaching Nomad made sure I was prepared for teaching. They made sure I had the confidence and skills to teach and do it well."

- Tedros, Ethiopia

Shanghai Classroom TEFL

"All the instructors were more than helpful with every aspect. It was great to meet new people, get some teaching experience in a different area of Shanghai, and learn a lot about English that it turns out I didn’t know!"

- Rhiannon, United Kingdom
Go Overseas

Go Overseas

94% Rating - 92 Reviews
"There was a lot of valuable material presented."

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Go Abroad

Go Abroad

9.23/10 - 92 Reviews
"Quite thorough and insightful on germane points."

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TEFL Course Review

TEFL Course Review

4.9/5 - 10 Reviews
“The TEFL training is intensive but rewarding.”

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Why Take a TEFL Course With Teacher Link?

TEFL Instructors

Experienced Instructors

Each TEFL course has its own set of instructors, and all of them have extensive experience in the classroom as well as with training other teachers. They will be a great resource for you during the course!

TEFL Job Placement

TEFL Job Placement

Some of our TEFL courses offer job support while others offer guaranteed job placement. Luckily, there is a high demand for international teachers in every location that we offer a TEFL course in.

The Experience

The Experience

Take a TEFL course in one of the many exotic locations we offer and immerse yourself in the culture. Enjoy your evenings and weekends by exploring and meeting people from all over the world!

University Partnership

University Partnership

Our Shanghai classroom TEFL course is affiliated with the University of Northern Colorado. This allows you to earn your TEFL certificate with the possibility of also earning graduate-level university credit.