Combined TEFL Course Comparison

Shanghai, China Course

  • Full job placement assistance
  • You'll spend:

    2 weeks finishing the online portion
    2 weeks in the classroom
  • 120 hours of classroom instruction
  • TEFL course without accommodation: $950

    TEFL course + accommodation total:
    $1250 (shared room) - $1490 (single room)
  • 6 hours of teaching practice
  • Get access to some of the highest paying ESL teaching jobs in the world & explore the most populous city on Earth!
  • $950

Phuket, Thailand Course

  • Lifetime job support
  • You'll spend:

    2 weeks finishing the online portion
    2 weeks in the classroom
  • 120 hours of classroom instruction
  • Accommodation costs around $160-$210 USD but can be split between friends!
  • 6 hours of teaching practice
  • Visit the stunning beaches in Krabi along with the ornate temples of Chiang Mai
  • $1250


Benefits of completing a combined TEFL course:

  • You get the flexibility of online learning paired with the hands-on experience you gain from taking a classroom TEFL course

  • You get to see what it's like to live and teach in another country before fully committing to a career abroad

  • It's much easier to secure an overseas teaching position after taking a combined or in-class TEFL course because it gives you valuable experience and you're already abroad

Why take a combined TEFL course in Shanghai, China?

If you're interested in teaching in China, the Shanghai combined course is a great option for you! Taking this course will create many opportunities for you in terms of networking, making friends abroad, and finding a great teaching job in China. The initial portion of the course is online, which gives you plenty of time to hold onto your current job just a little bit longer or tie up any loose ends before you go overseas. The second half of the course involves you flying to Shanghai, China to start the hands-on portion of the course.

This is a great option if you're unable to commit to any of our TEFL courses that require you to spend an entire month abroad. 


Why take a combined TEFL course in Phuket, Thailand?

If you've always wanted to travel to or live in Thailand, this course would be great for you! Once again, you'll spend the first half of the course working on online content from wherever you'd like. For the second half, you'll travel to Phuket, Thailand to get hands-on experience. If you want to spend your free time on the beach, then you're in the right place. If you don't care about the beach, you just want to travel through and teach in Thailand, then you're still in the right place!

No matter what you want to get out of it, the combined Phuket TEFL course is a great choice.


If you're looking for a different kind of TEFL course, we have in-class and online options as well! Check them out:


In-Class Courses

  • 4 week long classroom TEFL courses

Online Courses

  • 100% online TEFL courses


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Go Overseas

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TEFL Course Review

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